Single Drum Vibratory Rollers

Single Drum Vibratory Rollers BW 212-2(2A)

Greaves Single Drum Vibratory Soil Compactor model BW 212 –2 (2A) having an operating weight of over 10 Tons and powered by Kirloskar HA 694 air-cooled diesel engine developing 112 HP @2500 RPM - DIN 6271 (B).


S. NO     BW212 – 2 (2A)
1    Operating weight  kg 10424
2    Axle load Front kg 6463
3    Axle load Rear kg 3961
4    Static linear load Front kg/cm 30.8
1    Rolling width mm 2100
2    Drum shell thickness mm 36
3    Turning radius inside mm 4560
1    Speed range 1 km/h   0 – 10.4
2    Speed range 2   0 – 18.0
3    Grade ability % 30
D    DRIVE Lt 18
1    Drive system   Hydrostatic
2    Size of tires   23.1, 18-26, 8 PR
E   BRAKES   Centrifugal
1   Service brake   Hydrostatic
2    Parking brake   Hydromech
1    Steering system   Articulated
2    Steering method   Hydrostatic
1    Vibratory drive system   Hydrostatic
2    Frequency (Dual) Hz (vpm) 40(2400)/31(1860)
3    Amplitude (Dual) mm 1.67 / 0.82
4    Centrifugal force (Dual) kg 25000 / 19600
5    Total applied force (Drum) kg 31215 / 25815
6    Dynamic linear load Front kg/cm 148.6 / 122.9


Greaves Single Drum Vibratory Soil Compactor model BW 212 –2 (2A) having an operating weight of over 10 Tons and powered by Kirloskar HA 694 air-cooled diesel engine developing 112 HP @2500 RPM - DIN 6271 (B).

The GREAVES Single Drum Vibratory Roller is a high performance Soil compactor suited for operation on various types of Soil. The specially designed Drum with the well-spaced Dual eccentric masses, achieves even compaction across the width of the drum, which ensures high output with the minimum number of passes.The rear frame, supports the 6-cylinder engine, the drive axle, drive elements and the operator platform.Front and rear frames are joined by an articulated and oscillating center-joint.

The compaction performance of a Vibratory Roller is determined by its Static Linear load, frequency, amplitude and vibrating mass. The Greaves Compactors have a dual frequency of 31 Hz and 40 Hz, which is best suited for all types of soil in earth compaction to achieve required density. The high Vibrating mass in Greaves Machine dual amplitude influence the depth of compaction in a minimum number of passes. Several tests conducted in various project sites and various types of Soil has proved beyond doubt the superiority of Greaves Rollers in terms of lesser number of passes to achieve the required density of compaction.

The engine drives the pumps , vibration, and steering. Greaves rollers are fitted with the Rexroth Bosch Hydraulic components renowned for its reliability and high performance. The Hydraulic Motor on the Drum flange takes care of the vibration while the Hydraulic motor fitted on the rear axle ensures travel motion .The Hydraulic system in Greaves Rollers follows the ‘Closed Loop’ principle, thereby increasing the Oil change period apart from utilizing lesser quantity of Hydraulic Oil.

Greaves Single Drum Rollers, apart from being known as a high performance machine, is also renowned for its very low operating and maintenance costs.The Dual type of Air filters used (Dry Type as well as Oil bath type) in the engine, enhances the engine life by reducing the possibility of dust entry, to a minimum.

The 6 Micron Hydraulic filter used extends the Oil change period to 2000 hours or One year of operation, whichever is earlier.

The direct drive for the travel motion through a Hydraulic Motor coupled to the Rear axle avoids the normally maintenance extensive Gear drive system incorporated in other Vibratory Rollers.

Effortless operation is provided by a single lever travel control plus power assisted steering. The infinitely variable speed control is hydrostatically operated and eliminates the need for gear-boxes. Travel speed can be varied at will.

The well-arranged instrument panel has integrated control elements of modern and robust design for monitoring the diesel engine control system and for selecting travel speed and vibration.

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