Pneumatic Tyred Roller


Pneumatic Tyred Roller Model BW 24RH having an operating weight (CECE) of 8423 kgs, with options of ballasting upto 24300 Kg by means of additional Ballast weights to be fitted on the frame and filling the 3.5 cbm ballasting chamber with steel scrap. The machine is equipped with 4 tyres in front and 4 in rear with 42 mm overlap of tyres. It has a two point Pivoted hydrostatic steering, floating and oscillating wheel suspension and a central tyre inflating system. The machine is powered by Deutz 4 cylinder, water cooled diesel engine model BF4M 2012, developing 74.9 KW.The machine shall be supplied complete with service and parking brakes and standard equipment as listed in the catalogue enclosed complete with one operators hand tool set, one set of operation and maintenance manual and one set of spare parts manual.


Drive System :
BW 24 RH has a hydrostatic drive system comprising of 2 hydraulic motors driving the rear axle.

This system makes the machine operator friendly and avoids ‘jerks’ while reversing directions.

Automatic Hydraulic Self Adjusting Cylinder :
Floating and oscillating wheel suspension with the front wheels arranged to float and oscillate, whereby each wheel applies the same ground pressure to achieve uniform compaction, independent of the surface shape of the soil.

Kneading Effect :
The front wheels offer kneading effect due to oscillation angle provided on them.

Self-leveling Suspension :
Even load distribution on each wheel while rolling, which ensures better stability.

Central Tyre Inflation System :
Tyre pressure can be varied between 2 and 8 bars, (since optimum compaction depends on the tyre pressure) from the operator’s cabin during operation of the machine. Other manufacturers offer this as an optional item.

Reliable Two Point Steering :
Two point steering for more stable operation. The steering points are located at the axle of the wheel pairs (instead of top of the wheels). This ensures no lateral movement of the wheels, which would otherwise cause dislocation of the ground surface.

Tyre Overlap :
42 mm overlap of tyres on either side.

Perfect Visibility :
Complies with international safety standards (eg. 1 m by 1 m visibility guideline)

High Safety :
Pressure valve provided to prevent complete deflation of the tyres in case of a defective tyre.

Sprinkler System :
Pressurized water sprinkling system operated by air pressure – no wear parts.

Maximum Ballasting Capacity :
It can be ballasted up to 25.1 tons, with additional weights, thereby ensuring better productivity. Moreover, specifications of Golden Quadrangle and Third National Highway Project specify max. ballasting capacity of 24 tons.

Ballast Chamber :
Ballast chamber of 3.5 cbm provides facility for ballast up to 3.5 tons. with sand or steel scrap.

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