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AR36 6000 rpm

This Concrete Vibrator is Hard to Beat When it Comes to Quality Surfaces or Special Designs!
The performance of the AR has to be seen to be believed. Specifically designed for visible, quality concrete, this vibrator not only provides optimum surfaces but it also achieves outstanding compaction within the construction element itself. Its low weight and compact size make it perfectly suited for all types of special construction designs. Its powerful motor also maintains the preset speed range even under the most difficult working conditions. Please contact us for further information: concrete@wackerneuson.com

AR42 6000 rpm

Job-Proven Dependability
There is no questioning the long service life and long-term operating power of Wacker Neuson external vibrators. They offer maximum performance under the most extreme applications with continuous operation. The vibration-proof and heat-resistant coils in the electric motor as well as the special heavy-duty bearings provide for durability and reduced maintenance.


Lightweight, Sturdy & High Performance
These electronic converters, also known as inverters, are outstanding due to their light and compact design which, in connection with the aluminum construction, makes them easy to handle. They provide top performance even during continuous operation because of the high-quality electronics and the active cooling system. The sturdy housing as well as the damping of the inverter unit provide for lasting reliability.

CRT 36-24A

The Best Choice for Quality Concrete Finishing
Wacker Neuson's line of 36-inch ride-on trowels offers quality results, high productivity, operator comfort plus unique options and features. These trowels feature a unique patent-pending integrated wheel kit. A factoryinstalled option, the wheel kit offers easy manueverability around the job site. One jack lowers both wheels down in back of the unit, later the wheel kit conveniently folds up and under. During troweling, the wheel kit does not block operator’s line of sight. Quality concrete finishing...made easy!

CT 36-5A

Trowels Feature High Quality Finishing Plus Triple Protection
Designed and built with the most advanced technology, Wacker’s walk-behind trowels offer high quality concrete finishing plus added operator safety. The patent-pending gearbox brake, gyroscopic safety sensor and engine speed limiter provide triple protection for the operator. This unique system minimizes a runaway handle situation and meets worldwide safety requirements.

HPG 100A

Easy to Assemble and Adjust Screeds Offer High Performance & Jobsite Productivity
Vibratory truss screeds are designed for precise strike-off and consolidation of concrete surfaces up to 25 cm/10 inches thick where critical flatness is desired. The bolted construction throughout the screed sections allow for fast assembly without special tools. The T-bolt adjuster provides quick, precise adjustments for flat, crowned or inverted strikeoff.

P35A - Wet Screed

Wet Screed Offers Both Reliable Performance & Operator Comfort
Wacker Neuson's wet screed can fit the demands of every jobsite with a variety of blade lengths, plus each unit is designed to fit the demands of every operator. Its unique twin handle system is fully height and angle adjustable offering maximum operator comfort. In addition, two isolators reduce handle vibration to the operator. The squeeze-grip handle is also foldable for easy transport and storage.

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