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Greaves Perfect Mix 500 Concrete Batching Plant and Mixing Plant

We offer 30 cubic meter per hour capacity concrete batching plant model “GREAVES PERFECT MIX 500” . Greaves Perfect Mix 500 is a boom scraper batching plant with a fully automatic Pan mixing arrangement. The plant has separate cement and water weighing hoppers with 3 load cells each for accurate water to cement ratio, separate control cabin with computer and printer as a standard scope of supply. The plant is run with a state of art Scada software which gives Graphical visualization of batching plant with display of Aggregates, water, cement and admixer, it has a capacity to store 99 recipes . We also supply 3HP air compressor, 1 cement screw feeder and ad mixer dozing system as a standard supply with the batching plant. The plant is supplied with complete electrical wiring with plug in and plug out arrangement and full plumbing of water, chemical and pneumatic lines.

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Capacity : The capacity of the batching plant is 30 CBM/Hr. in continuous operation calculated as per IS 4925 with concrete of 80 mm slump.

Pan Mixer : Turbo Mixer 1000 ltrs dry and 500 ltr wet capacity. It is fitted with a 22 KW Motor and imported Cobra Rao Gear box. It has mixing arms with wear lining , Hi- chrome adjustable Blades and scraper, bolted wear resistance liner of Ultra 2000 material for the trough and side walls. The discharge gate is hydraulically operated and has a hydraulic hand pump for emergency discharge. The mixer doors are provided with counter weight arrangement for easy opening and closing. The mixer has a safety limit switch for automatic mixer cut-off when opening the Pan mixer cover.

Main Structure : The Basic Structure of Plant has rugged design with angle box type front support with:-

  • Channel type built-in twin track for skip movement.
  • Compressed air hoses.
  • Complete cabling in an enclosed cable tray.
  • Detachable track and weigher arrangement for skip bucket maintenance.
  • 4 pneumatic operated aggregate batching gates.
  • Separate FRL (2 separate) junction boxes for Cylinders & other actuators for moisture free air circulation.
  • One electric vibrator 0.18 KW is provided in the sand compartment inlet.
  • Wide mixer platform for easy access.
  • Ladder with hand railing up to mixer platform and scraper.
  • Plant elevation to suit a wet discharge height of 4.2 m from the ground level.

Aggregate storage is in star batcher, to be constructed by customer.
The aggregates are pushed towards the Batching Plant with a scraper/boom dragline.
The scrapper boom with a 10 mtr radius provided with a 320 l capacity scrapper bucket made up of wear resistance material. Scrapper boom is placed on a imported Slewing ring for friction less movement with Slew motor with DC brake for easy positioning. The operator cabin provided with controls for boom and scrapper motor.

  • Type of aggregates is 4 Nos. max.
  • Size of aggregate possible 40 MM max.

Cement / Flyash storage in cement silos or to be fed directly through a cement hopper both provided as optional at an extra cost. Otherwise customer can get them fabricated at site , we can supply the drawings for the same.

Water storage : Customer has to provide water tank of atleast 20000-50000 ltrs capacity depending upon site conditions and the duty cycle. Generally for 1 CBM approx 200 kg ( or ltrs) of water is required as such for plant to run continuously for 5 hrs on stored water, we require a tank of 30000 ltrs capacity.

Customer has to provide a mono-block water pump of 5 HP capacity and water connection upto the plant.


Aggregate – 4 nos, by weight, +/- 2 %
Cement – 1 no and Flyash – 1, by weight, +/- 1%
or Cement by weight – 2 Nos. , +/- 1%
Water – 1 no, by weight, +/- 1%
Admixture – 1 no, by weight, +/- 3%

Aggregate Weighing System
Aggregate weighing skip fitted in the basic structure of the plant having a maximum load of 1250 kg (including 300 kg for skip) and 2 load cells. Skip Bucket is of ST 52.3 wear resistance material. Skip is with a double rope winch driven by 2 geared motors of 4 KW capacities each. The motors have slow speed for entering / leaving the filling position and discharge position. These motors work on high speed while moving on the straight section of the skip track.

Cement and Water Weighing System
Greaves Perfect Mix 500 is provided with separate cement and water weighing hopper of 250 kg and 250 kg capacity. It is provided with electro-pneumatically operated discharge valve and electronic weighing unit by means of 3 load cells on each hopper. This arrangement helps in achieving accurate water to cement ratio, which not only ensures tight control on the quality of readymix but also helps in reducing cement wastage. With separate weighing arrangement it is possible to weigh water and cement simultaneously there by reducing the cycle time of the plant.

Cement hopper is provided with a ventilation pipe from cement hopper to Pan Mixer.

Liquid Additive Weighing system
Greaves Perfect Mix 500 is provided with a 7 ltrs capacity ad mixture weighing system with load cell of 22.5 kg capacity and a dosing pump of 0.5hp and 12 LPM as a standard supply.

Compressor fitted in the lower structure of the plant having a capacity of 240 litres per min. at 12 bar pressure and having a drive motor of 3 HP and an air tank of 160 litres capacity.

Cement Screw
1 no Wam make cement screw conveyor ES/168/10500/7.5KW provided with the plant having following features –
Length – 10.5 Mtrs.
Dia. 168 mm.
Capacity 25 tones per hour.
Maximum inclination 45 degrees.
Fitted with Universal inlet and standard outlet joint
Drive Motor capacity 7.5 KW.
No. of screw conveyors possible – 2 Nos. Control cabin

  • Spacious cabin (approx. size : 4.0 metres x 2.4 mtr. x 2.3 mtr. high) with mounting arrangement to avoid foundation and reduce the erection time
  • Provided with wooden table for systems
  • High visibility & easy approach
  • Plug & Socket arrangement for all the power & control cables.
  • Hard ply floor

Control system
Fully automatic microprocessor based PLC (Allan Bradley) enclosed in steel plate control cabinet having the following features :

  • Main switch with operating elements on the board front door.
  • Recipe memory for 99 concrete recipes.
  • Possibility to enter 4 aggregates, 2 cement, 1 mixing water and one ad-mixture components. 4 digital displays for aggregates, cement, water and ad-mixture weighing systems.
  • Automatic material in air compensation.
  • Possibility to enter one basic value for material in air compensation.
  • Adjustable water correction up to 25 lit/m3 compacted concrete.
  • Possibility to switch over to manual or semi automatic operation.
  • Emergency cut off switch provided in control cabin, on the pan mixer and in the main structure near the skip bucket.
  • Option to change the aggregate gate opening sequence.

The computer provides visualization of every cycle of batching plant operation. Which means the entire operation can be seen through mimic graphic representation and can also be run through the computer. It also helps in easily feeding recipes and store information. It is possible to take printout at the end of every day and other statistical information can also be obtained.

Genset power required
Generally we recommend to run the batching plant on Genset.
Maximum Power requirement of the Plant considering various possible accessories is as below :-
Pan Mixer - 22 KW
Screw Conveyor (2 * 7.5) - 15 KW
Boom Scrapper motor - 7.5 KW
Skip Hoist Motor (2 * 4) - 8 KW
Air compressor -  2.2 KW
Water Pump - 3.7 KW
UPS - 1 KW
Ad Mixer, Vibrator, Boom Slew motor - 1 KW
Total Connected Load for Plant - 60.4 KW or 75.5 KVA

Genset Required with 80 % efficiency Factor 94.4 KVA or approx 100 KVA

Considering Electricity requirements for Office , Lab and other utilities, we suggest to use 125 KVA genset along with the plant.

Aggregate - 1600 kg/m3
Sand - 1600 kg/m3
Cement - 1200 kg/m3
Fly Ash. -  800 kg/m3

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